You Can Yoga Fundamentals for The Beginning Student

Feel the excitement when Connie thrills you at each new discovery about yourself...when she assists you in uniting the electrical current of your body, the constancy of your breath, the rhythm of your heart and the waves of your mind to create sweet harmony and soothing synthesis in the depths of your being! She'll carefully show you how to apply specific techniques for each category of yoga postures including back bends, forward bend, twist, standing poses, balancing poses. She'll guide your postural techniques with adjustments that help you find perfect balance so you receive full benefits of a yoga practice and aren't injured with unknown imbalances in the joints, back and neck. Based on Kriya, Raja, Iyengar and Hatha yoga, this integral style of strength, relaxation and well-being is profound and lasting...calming the mind, bringing vitality to the body and understanding to the self. You'll learn how to breathe while coming into, holding and coming out of each posture...techniques that expand the lungs while fostering mental unity. In the very first class you'll experience improved posture that opens the chest...freeing respiratory muscles for easier deep breathing that Connie then layers with stretching and strengthening to expel long held tension, pressure, stiffness, strain, stress, unease and discomfort. She'll then show you how to align the spine so you look years younger...standing taller with focused concentration while simultaneously contracting or relaxing other muscles for stability. Once Connie finds balance in your musculoskeletal system, your joint friction will reduce, blood flow and nerve impulse will increase and this maximized range of motion will minimize pain. She'll then assist you in focusing your mind intensely on each body part for increased concentration, improved memory, and an expanded awareness that relieves the negative effects of day to day worry, responsibility and duty. Connie's expert and individual attention in this thoughtful, methodical class reduces injury for athletes as well as the couch potatoes among us while it increases healing potential to decrease healing time, decreases pain from arthritis, increases circulation, relieves anxiety and stress, increases range of motion, increases oxygen to all body cells, aids in better sleep, increases vitality and energy. Though it's possible to start in one of the other classes if you have previous yoga experience, please talk to Connie first. .

"To truly learn yoga, you must slow down almost to a complete stop and just observe and then you slowly begin to move with the breath as you experience your body like never before. Slowly you move toward the pose with the pace of a slow turtle. The mind is then stilled. This is yoga."~Connie

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