Beginner Yoga Technique initiates you on the path to body awareness, skilled technique, how to create flexibility safely, alignment of the joints, breathing techniques and relaxation exercises. Beginner II Yoga includes a gentle yoga flow (vinyasa).  This class advances your understanding of yoga and increases strength and flexibility.  Keep in mind that extraordinary flexibility does not make a more advanced yoga practitioner.  It is a keen body awareness, focused attention and consistency.  To release muscles in yoga postures we will use Iyengar’s style using props such as chairs, straps, blocks, yoga balls and the wall.  In this flowing style, we hold each pose as we observe our mind/body releasing its tension.  The key to any yoga practice is the ability to release unnecessary tension in the body/mind and continue breath work as you hold a challenging yoga posture.  Holding a posture for a longer duration increases stamina, creates greater flexibility and strength, and increases all of the benefits a yoga practice promises.  This is a fairly challenging class and is based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga.  This class includes deeper work on all of the traditional yoga postures.

"An advanced yogi is one with attunement to their body and clear mental focus not someone who is particularly flexible or strong."  ~Connie

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