You do not need any previous dance experience for this class.  You do need a willingness to have fun as you learn.  In this class you will spice up your life, learn an ancient art form, slim your waist, thighs, hips and buttocks, join a local and world wide community of belly dancers, develop body coordination, strengthen your core muscles, legs, back and arms and increase flexibility and stamina.  In this class we focus on posture as the foundation of dance.  You will begin your journey by learning shoulder shimmies, hip circles, hip shimmies, hip lifts and drops,  rib cage circles and drops, body waves, belly rolls, steps, turns, basic combinations, isolations, locks and layers.  You will get information on music, counting music for simple but beautiful routines, costuming, stretching for dance and safety tips.  Belly dance is considered a healing art for mind, body and spirit.  Be ready to shake, wriggle, sweat and laugh in this class. .  Shimmy, undulate and step your way to beginner routines.  Once you can execute the beginner movements and can respond to them by name, you may be invited to join the Intermediate belly dance class on Tues/Thurs.  The beginner class at times does perform beginner routines, but it is not required that you perform.  Performers must attend all classes and performance rehearsals and audition the routine in order to perform on stage.  

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