Personal Power Yoga - Moving On to Intermediate Yoga

Now Connie initiates you to a new dynamic level as your exciting adventure within yourself takes wings upon paths toward body awareness, dynamic posture, skilled technique, expansion of body and mind, alignment of the joints, deep breathing and supreme relaxation. Including yoga flow (vinyasas) of body, breath and mind, this powerful class includes more complicated, deeper positions...advances your technique...fosters good health, strength and flexibility. Connie reveals that great flexibility isn't what makes a more advanced yoga practitioner...but rather true Yoga mastery lies in keen body awareness, focused attention and consistency to deepen your experience of release in yoga postures. In this combination of hold and flow style, Connie will guide you to hold each pose while observing your mind/body releasing its tension. One key to any yoga practice is the ability to release unnecessary tension in the body/mind as you continue breath work holding a challenging yoga pose. Holding postures for longer durations will increase stamina, create greater flexibility, maximize strength and facilitate all benefits a yoga practice promises. This challenging class includes deeper mastery of all traditional yoga postures based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga, where you'll begin work on inversions and advanced poses such as headstands and handstands.

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