Personal Power - Mixed Level

Connie designed this wonderful class for yoga students of all levels. Comprised of a balance of yoga postures, flow, hold and relaxation, with a meditation to begin and end class, it starts with a 3-5 minute meditation to let go of the day and move into the present. Then Connie leads warm ups that prepare the students for poses which allow them to choose the practice level best suited to individual needs and experience. Each student will be able to alter the intensity of poses by making choices to rest between or hold poses longer, try a restorative version, use a prop, or practice a more challenging version of the pose. Connie will proctor and guide each practice by close observation and by encouraging students to listen to their bodies so they do what's right in each moment. She'll end with a 3-5 minute meditation so students can consider effects the class had on the body, to explore meditation techniques, to develop renewed sense of self, or to build mental strength in life areas they want to improve.

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