Yoga Accessories for Personal Power

Yoga accessories are blocks, chairs, straps, sand bags, the wall, wall ropes, straps, blankets, bolsters. Why use them? To pry open joints to an otherwise unattainable level of flexibility. The way we use yoga accessories or “props” in this class is no training wheels or crutch in your yoga practice. Nothing could be further from the truth. Props are going to deeply increase the angel of your stretches and allow you to relax and breathe as the body/mind integrates and retains this all-new experience of a pose that you may have been doing the same old way for years. Yoga accessories give you an entirely new and exciting experience of all yoga postures. Get ready to sweat and open to new horizons within yourself. You will feel like you are flying, expanding beyond your accepted boundaries and experience a new intensity in yoga postures, breathing and concentration. This class is for serious and consistent yoga practitioners.

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