This class is designed for anyone, but especially the very beginner or for senior citizens. It is yoga with the support of a chair or the wall. Using these supports, you can improve your balance; strengthen and gain flexibility in the legs, arms and back; and improve circulation and digestion all with confidence and security. It is a class which requires effort but within each individual’s ability. You will learn the basic adjustments and other techniques for each yoga posture.  This class is ideal for beginners, those suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis, back or neck pain, sleep disorders, high blood pressure (treated by medication), diabetes or general weakness. This class, like any other yoga class, increases mental focus and decreases stress.


Learn how to apply specific techniques for each category of yoga postures. The categories are back bends, forward bends, twists, standing poses and balancing poses. Postural techniques and adjustments are necessary for balance and unity and so you receive the full benefit of your yoga practice. You can apply these techniques to any style of yoga. Based on Kriya, Raja and Hatha yoga, this style of yoga unites the electrical current of body, the constancy of breath, the rhythm of the heart and the waves of the mind to create a sweet harmony and soothing synthesis experienced to the depths of your being. Strength, relaxation and well being is profound and lasting. The purpose of yoga is to calm the mind, bring vitality to the body and understand the self. You will learn how to breathe while coming into, holding and coming out of each posture and also breathing techniques that expand the lungs and calm the mind. You will experience improved posture, which opens the chest and frees the respiratory muscles so breathing is easier and deeper. Deep breathing layered with stretching and strengthening expels releases and relieves long held tension, pressure, stiffness, strain, stress, unease and discomfort. Your posture will improve in the very first class. You will learn how to align the spine so you look years younger and stand taller. With focused concentration, you will simultaneously contract certain muscles for stability and relax other muscles for extension creating a balance in the musculoskeletal system from top to bottom, side to side and from front to back. This balance reduces friction in the joints, increases blood flow and nerve impulse, increases range of motion and reduces pain. Focusing the mind intensely on each body part increases concentration, improves memory, expands awareness and relieves the mind of day to day worry, responsibility and duties. This type of yoga reduces injury for athletes, increases healing potential and decreases healing time. It decreases pain from arthritis, increases circulation, relieves anxiety and stress, increases range of motion, increases oxygen to all the cells of the body, aids in better sleep, increases vitality and energy. This class includes breathing techniques, alignment of the joints and spine, relaxation techniques, deep body awareness and meditation. You will receive individual attention in this class. It is possible to start in one of the other classes, if you have previous yoga experience. Just talk to Connie for approval. This is a thoughtful and methodical class and properly prepares you for a more challenging yoga class.

"To truly learn yoga, you must slow down almost to a complete stop and just observe and then you slowly begin to move with the breath as you experience your body like never before. Slowly you move toward the pose with the pace of a slow turtle. The mind is then stilled. This is yoga."~Connie


Beginner Yoga Technique initiates you on the path to body awareness, dynamic posture, skilled technique, expansion of body and mind, alignment of the joints, deep breathing and supreme relaxation  Beginner II Yoga includes yoga flow (vinyasas) of not only body but of breath and mind.   This class includes more complicated an deeper positions, advances your technique and requires good health, strength and flexibility.  Keeping in mind that great flexibility is not what makes a more advanced yoga practitioner.  It is a keen body awareness, focused attention and consistency.  To deepen your experience of release in yoga postures we will use Iyengar’s style using props such as chairs, straps, blocks, yoga balls and the wall.  In this flowing style, we hold each pose as we observe our mind/body releasing its tension.  The key to any yoga practice is the ability to release unnecessary tension in the body/mind and continue breath work as you hold a challenging yoga posture.  Holding a posture for a longer duration increases stamina, creates greater flexibility and strength, and increases all of the benefits a yoga practice promises.  This is a fairly challenging class and is based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga.  This class includes deeper work on all of the traditional yoga postures.  You can begin to work on inversions such as headstands and handstands keeping in mind that these are advanced poses.  You may start in this class with previous approval. You may have to spend more time observing at first rather than doing so much.

"An advanced yogi is one with attunement to their body and clear mental focus not someone who is particularly flexible or strong."  ~Connie


It is necessary to have some experience with yoga before you take Intermediate Yoga. This class include more sun salutations including upward dog, more work on inversions, holding the poses longer, deeper openings of the shoulders, hips and back, meditation and breath work based on Kriya, Hatha, Raja Yoga and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. These classes include full or half handstand, shoulder stand and headstand. As always, I will review basic technique in each pose to constantly remind you to focus on what is happening in your body as you come into, hold, and come out of the yoga postures. As in all yoga classes at The Yoga College, I will keep reminding you to breathe, release tension and keep your alignment in each pose. Intermediate classes, as in all of my classes, are sprinkled with yoga philosophy and stories so you will gain a well rounded view of what yoga truly is. Bring your sweat towel in case we turn the air conditioning off and heat things up a bit.

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