Yoga Testimonials

1. "Connie's enthusiasm makes yoga fun. Her expertise makes you confident that you are learning to do yoga right. Her experience makes yoga safe for all ages and special needs. I'm always learning something new." Glenda D. , Sioux City

2. At the age of fifty, I began taking yoga classes. At that time, chronic pain had me taking ibuprofen multiple times every day. Stretching, deep breathing and meditation have helped me get off the medication. My range of motion has greatly improved as has my strength and flexibility. Digestion, memory, sleep and focus are all improving and I have much more energy. In times of stress, I can rely on my yoga training to help me in many ways. When I walk through the doors of the yoga studio, I have found a refuge. I can let go of all the worries and problems that plague me. The people in class honor and respect one another, We do not compete. We are taught to do what is right for us by listening to our bodies and making the connection with our thoughts. I love what yoga has done for me and I hope to be doing it for decades to come. Especially since I got such a late start!

3. I began having neck and back pain and severe migraines following a car accident. I had gone through several rounds of physical therapy; saw chiropractors, received massage therapy and have literally taken 46 different medications, taking anywhere from 2 to 4 different medications a day, to try and relieve the pain and stop the migraines. I have had nerve blocks and even tried 2 rounds of Botox injections just to try and get some relief from the migraines. I had some level of headache pain every day for years. I have lost count of the number of emergency room visits I have made because the prescription medications I used did not relieve a migraine. When the Botox injections failed the neurologist recommended that I try yoga.

I began going to Yoga Etc. on June 6, 2003 and wish that I had started doing yoga much, much sooner. Slowly over time my muscles loosened up and the migraines started to subside. I still get occasional headaches but the frequency and severity are much less. Not only did my migraines lessen but my overall health has improved.

Also, I am much more relaxed, which is hard for a type A person, and I am calmer in stressful situations.

Nancy F.

4. I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years with Connie and it has certainly made a difference in my life. My blood pressure is lower than it was twenty years ago, my legs and back do not hurt after a long day on my feet at work, I have less - or no - back pain during long car drives, I'm a calmer person and able to relax much more easily during stressful times, I don't get sick as often, and my body is more tone and strong. I feel I owe this to Connie and her extensive expertise, and the emphasis of having the correct attitude that she brings to the practice of yoga. Connie is truly a caring person and yoga is her passion - her education level surpasses anyone in the area. Maridell

5. Bottom line, yoga is more about mindfulness and listening to your instructor and your body. That's why I come to Yoga - what ever I was doing before Yoga wasn't working for my mind, body or soul! I not only need Yoga and Connie’s instruction, I crave it. I appreciate Connie’s spiritual depth. Thank you for your words. Connie M.

6. What a pleasure it is to know you, Connie. I think you are a phenomenal teacher. I want a say I think it is a privilege to take lessons with you. You have an amazing spirit and energy and kindness and compassion comes out in your teaching. I am grateful we are on this path of life together at the same point in time. I feel amazing after your classes. Namaste Mary

Belly Dance Testimonials

1. Almost three years ago, I stepped into Connie’s dance studio at Yoga, Etc. and became addicted to the mysterious, sensuous, captivating dance – belly dance! Since beginning to belly dance I have had some amazing experiences, met awesome fellow dancers and become more mentally, spiritually and physically fit. Belly dance has led me to be forgiving of my ‘imperfect’ body, this dance is for every shape, size and age – come one, come all! The moves are difficult, but with practice, practice, and more practice a person can develop endurance, strength, and grace. It is truly a unique art form, with so many avenues to explore – classic, tribal, raqs sharki (contemporary Egyptian), fusion with every other sort of dance form. It brings out the beauty in every dancer – to see the expression, the grace, the joy in a dancers eyes – what beauty! It is its own art form, and each dancer is a unique sculpture. This is one addiction that is good for a persons soul! J Thanks for nurturing that Connie! Verna Bennett

2. I started seeing my waist again only one week after starting beginning belly dance. My back and arms are stronger too! I love the music and enjoy the company and teacher. Ibu Nooney, Sioux City

3. Connie's Belly Dancing Class is AWESOME! The group is very welcoming to newcomers and the class itself was fun and exciting and you feel great afterwards. I'd recommend Connie's classes to anyone and as a Business Owner and L.M.T I have recommended not only her belly dancing class but her yoga classes to several of my clients. Shannon

4. I started taking belly dance lessons from Connie Reynolds in 2007, and I still enjoy coming back week after week! Belly dance is a rich art form that requires the guidance of a knowledgeable and skilled teacher. In the intermediate class, I have learned new moves, choreography, and performance skills. While the classes are challenging, they are a lot of fun. I highly recommend classes at the Yoga College to anyone who wants to learn how to belly dance. Karnak

5. Connie is an enthusiastic, energetic but patient instructor. Her beginning belly dance class is suitable for anyone who wants to learn. Connie leads a dynamic class that is challenging, yet suitable for beginners. Even though I was an absolute beginner to any sort of dance, I found Connie's instruction clear and easy to follow. Her passion for belly dance is contagious! If you are looking to study belly dance in-depth, or if you are looking for a fun workout with a group of great people, come check out this class!~Christina Barnes

6. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be in a dance class. My parents could never find the means to make this happen and so I never learned to dance. About 4 years ago, my husband and I went to Riverssance and saw The Desert Angels perform. They were so good that we had no idea it was a local group. After the show, they handed out pamphlets and with my husband's encouragement, I finally made the decision to take belly dance. Connie has been a wonderful, caring, and generous teacher. She has taken someone with little physical skills and turned her into a fluid, graceful dancer. It took me until I reached my 30's but I can now say I am living out a dream of mine. Bellydancing is so much fun and it has gotten me in wonderful shape!! Thanks Connie for everything you do!! ~Valerie~

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