Benefits of Yoga

A. Improves circulation

B. Improves flexibility, range of motion and strengthens muscles.

C. Decreases pain of and prevents osteoporosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, chronic fatigue.

D. Helps reduce stress and anxiety.

E. Benefits asthmatics and bronchitis sufferers.

F. Expands the lungs and teaches full and complete breathing.

G. Aides in digestion and elimination.

H. Keeps the spine supple and flexible.

I. Creates body awareness and better posture.

J. Greatly improves concentration and memory.

K. Massages organs with a fresh supply of blood.

L. Reduces nerve impingement in spinal column.

M. Improves balance and stability.

N. Improves athletic performance.

O. Lessons occurrence of injury.

P. Helps people become active again after long illnesses or surgery.

Q. Yoga is used as physical therapy to keep joints free of pain.

R. Can reduce blood pressure

S. Produces deep relaxation

T. Decreases mental chatter in every day life

U. With training and study the mind becomes clear and more easily focused

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