How does Yoga work?

A. Frees tight muscles allowing better blood flow to muscles reducing pain and swelling.

B. Exerts pressure on glands to stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluids.

C. Aligns the skeleton to stretch muscle groups equally so less energy is used in daily activities.

D. Lengthens muscles by going to the point of resistance of a stretch, relaxing and releasing tension through the breath.

E. Increases range of motion and lubricate joints.

F. Physical relaxation techniques are internalized creating mental balance and emotional stability.

G. Breathing exercises relax the respiratory muscles, expand the lungs and sooth the nerves

H. Improves digestion using the diaphragm to massage the digestive organs

I. Uses specific balancing exercises to strengthen the muscles that balance the body and to find mental balance.

J. Holding a yoga posture for a period of time creates a steady, focused, relaxed state of mind.

K. Stretching and breathing releases long held sources of energy, therefore, creating energy rather than depleting energy.

L. Guided relaxation releases the mind from worry, fears, and insecurities for a period of time allowing an emotional vacation.

M. Teaches contentment and tolerance by allowing thoughts, feelings, irritating noises or discomforts to come and go while remaining steady and focused.

N. Releases the mind from unnecessary and harmful thinking to provide a clear view of the true self.

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