Why should I practice Yoga?

A. Takes the person as they are. Yoga is practiced in accordance with individual physical ability. It can literally be practiced by anyone.

B. Yoga is not concerned with outside goals such as a football star may face. The football star will work his body to meet the requirements set upon him by his coach and other players. Pushing him far beyond the point when his body and mind has had enough. Yoga is more concerned with tuning into the self to learn what the body and mind really need.

C. Athletes would greatly benefit from the self-study and healing qualities of yoga.

D. Benefits are not only physical but also mental and emotional such as enjoying a relaxed state of mind wherever you are, having a clear mind with fewer thoughts, increasing attention span and intensity of focus, not exaggerating or fearing the future, positive thinking, self-acceptance and faith in life in general.

E. Yoga is a gradual process that can offer a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction.

F. Yoga is not concerned with popular physical attributes or fad diets. Yoga is concerned with over all good health, happiness, and stability.

G. The yoga diet is primary plant based.

H. Non-impact and gentle on bones and joints.

I. Interesting and fun.

J. With practice cultivates emotional stability and a deep sense of well-being.

K. Yoga helps people accept themselves just the way they are.

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